Sunday, July 19, 2009
10:29 PM

watching titanic still makes me wanna cry.
--twilight chapter eleven--

we watched Titanic on DVD today.
and well, i think it's still an absolutely great movie even though it was filmed so far back then.
i peeked at my mom and dad, and trust me, they look really funny.
my mother was all red-eyed and teary, and my dad was like giving her the what-the-hell face.
HAHA! hilarious shit man. :D guess i inherited my emotional genes from mommy!
then we had this great dinner, with chilli and black pepper crabs cooked to celebrate my birthday!
man. the taste of affection and warmth is seriously too damn good and addictive.
then my favourite uncle asked this question:
eh! we celebrate your birthday for you! what are you gonna give us in return!

i thought for a moment. and i realised that i didn't know what to give them in return.
being filial?
cook them dinner someday?

then my dad answered for me. i thought that answer was scary-cool.
he said:
aiyah! next time she fly helicopter and send you all to wherever you wanna go! simple like that mah!

woah. okay. honestly, i never expected my dad to answer that for me.
but it certainly sounds good.
now my dad has sparked something in me.
and that's a pretty awesome feeling.

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.

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Criminal Records

pulled dad's leg hair to get attention
kissed a car and a tomato
actually prayed hard to get to EM1
(dang, that was stupid)
love my cousins a lot! :)
needs a lamborghini roadster :DD
actually drowned once, (almost)
hates handphones, tracking devices...
loves GEOGRAPHY!!! <3333
FRANZ FERDINANZ and HITLER are da bombs!!! <33333
loves history, DUHH :)
hates jewelleries -_-
falling in love with skinnies :D
HEROES DA BOMB!!!! <333333
ah, i just love hollywood stuff *grins*

To-Do Crimes

get what i desire for mid years
just stay focused.
complete all revision by this week
go do something crazy for june holidays
take part in next year's parade<33333
and just hope that i'll be able to have more overseas opportunities.



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