Monday, September 29, 2008
10:17 PM

what about now,
now that we're here,
now that we've come this far, just hold on.
there is nothing to fear,
for i am right beside you 
for all my life, i am yours.
CHRIS DAUGHTRY'S what about now is making me daydream.
ANYWAY! WOOTS! i decided to blog today, because, i need a big BIG escape from studying today.
CAUSE, i spent 6 HOURS in the LIBRARY and then read some book regarding a true account of a woman who was a secretary of Hitler.
WHAM BAMM, that's a real great book to spend your evening with!
Emaths was rather okay, just that i made 11 marks of careless mistakes.
call me a pro, i know i rock at that. :D
i did my duty as a good daughter and accompanied my parents to Vivo to shop at Giant.
YAY! i've now got my two main sources of motivation!- CHEESECAKE AND CROISSANTTTT :D
i know i'm gonna be damn motivated to study. :D
it's pretty hard to maneuver the trolley though. had a trouble with it. :/
must be my armpower that's lacking, oh no no no. 
love going out with my parents! they rock like some rockstars! :D
and it's so sad! CADBURY'S GONNA BE OFF THE RACK! =(
which means i can't get my daily supply of energy from chocolate anymore, sigh.
and and and and and and, guess what?
i'm getting my new camera. sleek, cool, stylish, just how i like it, with a touch of elegance.
THANKS DAD! :D though i'd be paying for it myself, but HELL YEAH, it's a brand new camera.
so far, i'm pretty loving everything right now. :D
thanks whoever's watching over my family. 
continue to bless them! (as well as me, hahhahaha)
i wanna be a rockstar.

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
Sunday, September 28, 2008
12:45 AM

only you know what it takes to set me free.
this is the FIFTH time i am rewriting this post.
apparently my brain today is so disorganised that i can't put my thoughts in chronological order. sigh, how disappointing.
anyway! tuned in to channel 5 just in time to catch the F1.
as usual, Hamilton rocked it with suave and ease. 
good job H! :D i'm so proud of you!!!!! :D
i've already started listing out the stuff that i want to buy and do.
here they are!
1. hit the gym and the swimming pool! i'm so sorry for neglecting you all lately. stress lurh! :D
2. play Handel's Sarabande and Croatian Rhapsody. these 2 are famous piano pieces composed and played by wondrous composers. :D
3. get my ass downtown and start looking for bags. real, durable bags. 
4. buy a camera for my upcoming trip! :D
5. start to learn how to cook better dishes from my mother. apparently my culinary skills aren't up to perfection yet :/
6. settle those issues.
7. arrange lots and lots and lots of dates with many many many friends!!!!!
8. go out with my mom to eat spicy korean rice cakes and window-shopping!
9. buy lots and lots and lots of croissants and cheesecake!
10. I NEED TO GET AN EVEN TAN! i need tanner legs. heheh. :D
11. revise even harder for my upcoming piano practical. i suspected that i failed the first one already =(
12. write letters to my penpals. yeayyyyy :D
13. establish good relations with my neighbours, esp. the one that called me 'le za bo kiah jin sui leh!" THANKS AUNTIE! YOU MADE MY DAY!
14. BRUSH UP ON MY KOREAN LANGUAGE!!!! Leeny, we're supposed to practise together!
15.  write dedication cards to all my friends, be it in msn or school or outside. i'm gonna show my appreciation to all of you wonderful, lovely superhuman beings :D
16. take a stroll on the beach during evening, probably with someone.
17. ROLLERBLADE! damn it, you caused me pretty lots of scars and bruises here and there. 
18. start reading newspapers more often! GENERAL PAPER AND ECONS! :D 
19. contribute more housework to the household.
20. learn how to buy fresh vegetables and do the grocery shopping.
AIYOH! that's pretty lots of things to accomplish.
and as you can see, i'm not very focused on my finals right now.
sigh. it's still so far away.
the singapore dream.

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
Friday, September 26, 2008
10:17 PM

take me away to a secret place.
what is the definition of a library?
a place set apart to contain books, periodicals, and other material for reading, viewing, listening, study, or reference, as a room, set of rooms, or building where books may be read or borrowed.
apparently, some inconsiderate bunch of girls didn't know the meaning of that.
today's chinese comprehension was about having a gracious society in singapore.
PM Lee mentioned that we should act and behave as gracious and considerate citizens of the society.
instead, it is quite disappointing to see that youngsters nowadays do not have these certain moral values instilled in them. 
for example, cam-whoring in the library.
i do understand that it is good to explore photography at this age, but surely there is a better place to accommodate this activity.
with their constant high-pitched giggles, it is almost impossible to ignore them, and let alone have a peace of mind to study.
their inconsiderate demeanour attracted some people's attention. 
some stared intently at them and then returned back to studying. 
others were sighing.
but they had the same thinking- somebody had to shut those people up.
unfortunately, i was studying at a bench near them, huddled up quite comfortably with my history notes. 
due to the ongoing noise pollution created by them, i couldn't get things into my head.
believe me, i was very frustrated, or what you call, bek cek. 
i sneaked a peek at them- a group of girls, perhaps secondary two students, slinging shoulders over one another and posing for a cute picture. 
at least some of them had some manners, quietening their friends down when they were just over the limit.
i really thank them for that.
i tried my best to ignore what was going on and even considered switching place. but why should i let them get the better of me? 
i stayed on and prayed that one of them would at least be sensible and start studying and act like some considerate teenager then would be contributing to Singapore's society in a few years time.
at least act like some responsible teenagers who know what to do at the right time.
but alas, nothing changed. giggles constantly escaped from their mouths, their sounds of laughter ringing into my ears. 
i couldn't take it anymore. swiftly and quietly, i packed my books into my bag, stood up, slung it over my shoulder, tucked my hands into the pockets of my black hoodie, and went across.
i cleared my throat and asked,"does any of you know what's the definition of a library?"
suddenly, they became instant angels and quietened down. murmurs ran between them, and i could make out some "she's from crescent", " wa lao, who she think she is?", and "bitch lurh".
it did insult me, but still, i didn't let that get to me.
and then i spoke, "i suggest that one of you go and check up the meaning of a library and then see for yourself if you have the right to stay in here. look, i'm really sorry for acting like this and making me seem like i'm an absolute naggy bitch standing right here and reprimanding you all. at least, act like you're responsible and disciplined students and stop your business of cam-whoring. i understand that you guys have the aspiration to be future models and such, but please, do that somewhere else. you're a disturbance here, and if you don't stop this, i'd ask the librarian to chase you out. the readers on your left and right are affected by your actions. and as a result, they cannot concentrate and study to their fullest potential. get that ladies?" 
none of them spoke a word. 
people were staring at us and i could almost feel the intensity of being looked at, stared at. 
i looked at one of the girls and cocked my head to one side. she immediately looked away. i smiled silently. 
before i left, i whispered, "thank you for showing us the proper way to behave in a library. good luck for your finals!
i swear i felt like digging a whole and stuffing my head inside.
sure, it was embarrassing for me to do this thing straight without any stuttering.
but at least, i felt that they needed to know how to behave.
tourists that flock to Singapore see it as an exemplary country- clean, green, free of corruption and safe, the ideal home and country to stay in.
but they don't know what's the ugly story behind this.
signs of inconsiderateness, irresponsible acts, and uncouth behaviour simplifies the bad side of singapore.
will holding the door for someone behind you kill you?
will saying a word of 'excuse me, may i have a mac-chicken" followed by a smile of thanks or just the two words "thank you" kill you?
will behaving properly in public places such as MRT, bus and library kill you?
i'm not saying that you can't make any noise, but there is a limit to everything.
our actions reflect on our discipline, and in turn, some may think that parents have not taught us moral values.
this is absolutely horrid, and if we do not change this scenario by acting as responsible and considerate citizens, Singapore will never appear in the charts of the most courteous country of the world.
and think about it, the upcoming Youth Olympics will expose Singapore to the whole world.
and if they see the young generations of Singapore behaving this way, how would they think and feel?
go home and think about it.
it's more worth it than thinking about what colour nail polish should you paint your fingers with.
it's almost too late, don't you think?

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
Monday, September 22, 2008
11:39 PM

Handel's Sarabande by Maksim Mrvica
i think life's pretty cruel, in a way.
like i can gain many friendships, and it's those few close ones that begin to hurt you.
and i've just learnt a brand new bloody lesson.
best friends are the ones that hurt you most. 
so what, doesn't mean i'm easily touched and made happy means you can do this to me.
it's not fair, lady, watch it.
watch where you're landing yourself at.
you're hurting me, and if that's your goal, then congrats, you've just achieved it, with flying colours, i dare say.
what am i?
some kind of tool that you can use to step over?
some kind of implement that can make you seen and known and gain the wonderful, brilliant credits?
who are you, and what gives you the fucking right to do that.
you have no idea that the thought of strangling you puts a smile on my face.
i warn you, i can be sadistic when i want to be.
don't test my patience, don't make me grow thin on that.
you'd never know what i can do.
and you wouldn't want to know.
because my sister knows what i'd do when i get really mad.
to the extent that blood and knives have to be involved.
i don't want to get into a mess with you.
i don't want any connection with you.
and i'd just like to let you know that i've been such a blind fool to stay with you, to give you all i've got.
i treated you as how i would treat my loved ones.
i gave it all to you.
and look at what you've done.
spit it all out onto my face?
hey listen dude, you're not gonna get away from this.
it's just you and i, baby, just you and i.
and we're gonna see who's the last man standing.
i'll find you.
and i'll make you feel the same way i do now.
stepping over me huh?
i'll let you have a taste of what it's like then.
nothing but a bunch of bittersweet memories

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
Thursday, September 18, 2008
8:18 PM

and they kiss.
but then, don't they look sooooo adorable?! :D
my mother washed my porcupine with softener!
and it smells real nice. :D:D:D
whereas my sister's little xiao mao mao smelled like her.
it's been my faithful stay-up-all-night partner through the last 2 months. :D
but, however, on a sad note, i didn't really feel that good today.
maybe it's the pre-exam emo mood. bleh.
but never mind!
plans for tomorrow are screwed by chinese. pffffftttttt.
sigh, then i shall be a good girl and spend my sorrowing remaining time in the library to hibernate with books. 
maybe i'll bring my porcupine to give me moral support.
yeah, porcupine, you hear that.
it's just you and I, baby,
just you and I.
and also, special thanks to miss sim and miss ang!
they gave me notes like this:

hahaha, thanks miss sim! :D
never knew that such a note could make me feel like wow, i really wanna get an A1 for chemistry and see you gleam with that usual megawatt smile of yours.

and of course, miss ang! :D
thanks for the note too! :D
i'm striving hard to work hard for biology, even though i just cannot apply what i learnt into the questions.
but nevertheless, i know i can do it. :)
i think teachers (besides my family and friends), are the greatest gift in the world.
don't you think so?
they have a mountain pile of homework to mark, and yet, they actually still make time to do these sweet lil' things.
i've to admit i've never felt like this before.
that strong overwhelming feeling and urge to do things to my very best ability.
and i really appreciate these great precious little notes of encouragement.
i never knew i could derive so much motivation from meaningful things like this.
thank you so much, really.
una imagen vale mas que mil palabras.

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
Sunday, September 14, 2008
2:30 AM

sugar, spice, and everything nice.
these were the little ingredients that made the perfect little girls!
but then, he added chemical X.
my sister and i were chanting the powerpuff theme song! :D
have never ever touched kids central ever since i turned ten.
i miss it! :D
anyway, i went grocery shopping with my dad today!
bought my new headphones! and then we went to Giant to buy SUSHIIIII, cheesecake and croissant!!!!!
that's tomorrow's breakfast. :D
then then then, we got home, and then my sister wanted to dance.
so we went to dance to the track of Buttons by PCD!
nice song yeah!
a little bit of twisting here and there, plus some signature moves copied from various dancers i watched on So you think you can dance
damn it, it was helluva time!
my dad could only cluck his tongue in disapproval. HAHAHAAHHA. thanks for staying in the room dad! :D
what a horny night i had.
loved it; =) 
thanks jie!
i tell you to loosen up my buttons babe (uh huh)
but you keep frowning, say what you've been doing to me (uh huh)
but i see nothing.

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
Thursday, September 11, 2008
10:48 PM

he is that kind of man that i've ever wanted to marry.
and it happens to be my dad :)
of course, some of you may have guessed it.
what's the first thing you think about.
the world trade centre tragedy?
nah, for me, it'd be my dad's birthday.
what a day eh? :)
sigh, monetary issues.
totally spoilt her tablet, and i need to pay for it.
don't even have the money. =.=
what deep shit i'm in now.
that got me kinda depressed..over money...stupid money.
memories i had during NP was really beautiful.
but i'm not gonna share it with you all.
it's too precious.
i sound tired, do i?
feel like closing my eyes and never wake up forever.
sleeping for eternity would be good.
nothing to worry about.
but anyway, dad's birthday was great!
went to rama sharkfin at tanjong pagar to eat. :D
the place was a little small, but then, the service was excellent
i kept nodding my head and saying thank you.
the waiter was smiling too. :)
a great customer like me makes a waiter has his best day!
first was some appetizer, something like rojak but it's with onions...
hmm, tastes funny but then later on it became kinda addictive to the senses of the tongue.
first was shark fin.
sigh, i feel so guilty.
in the end my sister and i shared a bow.
and i ate the gravy and mushrooms.
left the fins to my sister. she wasn't too glad about it either.
second was....hmm, let me recall...
Ah! crab!
it was nice and hot and steamy.
don't really know how to describe the quality of the crabs but i felt it was rather nice.
the flesh was tender, and i had a pretty good time devouring it.
a cancer eating a crab, how noble of me. :D
third was...lemon zest chicken!
then, followed some spinach cooked with sweet sauce (nice!)
and afterwhich, some fried shrimp fillet. --> you'd love this one.
it was crispy and refreshing, just like how i want my morning to be. haha!
last but not least, dessert came. it was mainly watermelons and honeydew with ice on top.
even though i do sound really not convincing, but yeah, rama sharkfin is really a good place to enjoy some afternoon lunch or something. :D
and there are lots of wedding gowns in display there!
i spotted a yoga centre there!
was quite tempted to go sign myself up, but sigh, i shall stick to my present yoga class. :)
after the dinner we took a quiet stroll down the street.
saw some ladies with unbelievably short skirts and skimpy clothing leaning against pillars, cigarettes planted firmly between their index and middle finger.
every breath they took made my heart ache.
do these people know what they're harming?
it was such a waste. the girl's quite pretty, petite, slender figure, nice skin colour.
why am i noticing women anyway? haha, ironical ironical.
was scoping for some eye-catching cars, but nothing was in my sight. 
and i don't even know when's the F1 thingy, but i saw seats being erected on some of the expressways, if i'm not wrong. haha. :D
we crossed alleys, spotting nightclubs here and there.
my sister pointed out to me, "if i ever see you in any of these places, i'm going to slap your butt inside-out man."
i didn't reply her, nor did i ignore her.
i briefly nodded and stuck my hands into my pockets. 
didn't feel like talking the rest of the day.
was thinking a lot, and i was pretty dead beat from the events of today.
slept at a good 2am today and woke up at 5.30am.
3 and a half hours of sleep is barely enough to make me feel energized.
i am so tired.
and so happy.
but nevertheless, i still want to thank my dad!
and also, happy birthday!
you're really the most understanding person, the coolest dad, the greatest dad ever!
i really do appreciate when you fetch me to school when you're free, using CNG!
thanks for being environmentally-friendly! :D
thanks for keeping up your health and fitness, and not be those kind of dads- huge beer bellies, bald figures.
thanks for not smoking, drinking and gambling! :)
i've just realised that i can never thank you enough.
you've done so much for me.
and i really really do cherish that.
i love you, and you're more than anything else in the world.
who says that people don't cherish what they have?
i do.
i really do.
i really love my family.
the way it works, my craziness combined with my sister's crazy remarks and my mom's friendly/strict system and my dad's easy-going personality.
i love you all! MUAHHHH!
seriously, 'love song' has gotta stop playing on the radio.

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
Tuesday, September 9, 2008
11:50 PM

wish you all the best,
my dearest kwon sang woo! 
i am so happy for him!
i'll still keep your picture in my storeroom :D
and say goodnight to you, as always :)
time really flies, and i really really hate to say this.
it sucks when you know that finals is just next week,
and i don't even feel like studying.
there is motivation for me to look ahead to, but then, somehow, my brain just wouldn't get to work.
screw it.
and jessica! thanks for calling me today!
never expected your call, and i felt quite glad that you called me while waiting for your mom :)
thanks a lot, i really still do love you and cherish you, and YES,
a toast to all men with straight butts yeah! :D
tu amor! you're one helluva girl-friend to have. ;)
bring it on, bloodeh finals 08.
i'm so gonna put an end to you. hmph.
baby you got the keys,
shut up and drive.

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
Monday, September 8, 2008
10:20 PM

my mind's in disturbia.
i love them.
i really do.
and i really want all of them to be the best.
especially you know how.
i really want her to do it.
i feel like i wanna make her overcome this whole thing.
and best thing is, i wanna do it, and i will do it.
today's really great, thanks for everything.
thanks raj, thanks leo, thanks joseph, thanks for everything.
love you guys, really really much. :D
what goes around does comes back around. :)

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
Sunday, September 7, 2008
7:53 PM

just wanna go that extra mile for you.
Sick Girl by Amy Silverstein. 
i cried when i read her book. every detail in there was like a movie pouring into my mind.
she is a twenty-four woman, law associate who've just learnt that she had a heart problem- a major one at that.
she needs a heart transplant.
she needs to face the fear of failure of breathing anytime, and dies.
she has a son, a husband, her parents to live for.
but is she able to do it?
i really do recommend it- it's a great book for reflection, to think about how lucky we are able to crawl out of bed, without even panting a little, how we're able to stretch our neck without even have an ominous heart disaster striking up.
just think about it, how fortunate we are to have a healthy heart.
and with that, i felt inspired to read up on my biology.
but i didn't. :D
yesterday was a really tiring day, for me, at least.
we practised drills in the hot, burning sun for don't know how many hours.
taekwondo people! you guys really rock the whole thing up a notch!
just keep up a great work yeah, and i bet guys would have to kowtow to ask for your permission to tap you on your shoulder. :D
their stern and concentrated faces just says it all :)
meanwhile, we finally managed to come up with a short fancy drill session, with Low as the music. :D
i'm so proud of you all! :D
damn, it was hot!
i didn't even know how we came up with the idea of that. :D
when i reached home, i was simply dead tired.
after reading james patterson's masterpiece, i fell asleep like a dead log on my mama's bed..from 7pm to 11pm...woke up, then scrambled to my bed and slept till 8am.
imma pig, a real good one at that too :D
gimme gimme more,
gimme gimme more.

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
Friday, September 5, 2008
9:05 PM

the ruckus of frozen time
dressed in black tank top with a red scarf wrapped loosely around the neck, plus black skinnies and red glossy pointed shoes, i topped off my look with shades and prowled down the red carpet of the hotel.
well, what's there more to say?
i'm destined to be dressed in black. YEAH BABE!
well, my family and i walked into the hotel, took in the expensive interior, and just couldn't believe that we set foot into a magnificent hotel. 
the furnishings were impressive. shoes clicked clacked on the polished marble floor, sunlight pouring in through floor-to-ceiling victorian styled windows. 
well, the hotel's just right smack drop dead beautiful and splendid. 
i suck at describing, really.
moving on, we went up to the second floor and interacted with some people. mainly my dad was the one who introduced us to his friends.
all i did was smile and nod, smile and nod.
my eyes were fixed on the food behind. THE GOOD FOOD.
i just couldn't wait to taste those splendid dishes waiting to be devoured by me.
of course, i had to control my deepest temptation to snatching a quick bite.
struggling to behave as a disciplined and civilised daughter, i took my seat in the ballroom, waiting for the ceremony to start.
FAST FORWARD>>>>>>>>>>>
sigh, you guys should have been there.
just imagine, tempura chicken, dim sum, chocolate tiramisu, strawberry mousse, mango pudding/strawberry pudding, and and and and and so much more!
i felt like a kid that received many lollipops from a teacher)
imagine the happiness i felt, for a person who gets so highly motivated by food.
sigh, it was truly one day spent in food haven.
i'm missing it so much now. *sniffs*
then afterwhich, we went window shopping!
oh yeah, by the way, the hotel is intercontinental hotel something. it's very near bugis junction.
so, we went window shopping, and i brought my parents to the basement floor- the food stuff!
WOOOTSSSS! bought sushi and korean spicy rice cakesssssss.
after satisfying our stomachs, we went to the upper levels to ogle at really nice clothes. er, even though i'm not so much of a clothes person, but well, it doesn't hurt to get high looking at nice pretty clothes. :D
sounds like a true full time bimbo huh?
then we went to eat again! :D
i was the one behind it, because i saw doughnuts!
bought one and mwahahhahahahhahahhahhahaa. went back home with a full stomach.
time to work those fats off.
delta swimming complex, here i come! ZOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMM!
nothing but you, i'm addicted to you.

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
Tuesday, September 2, 2008
9:48 PM

i'm leavin',
never to come back again.
going back to school wasn't that bad afterall. :D
in fact, i was feeling quite exciting, but not so anymore since i've got to go to school tomorrow.
furthermore, i really think i need to visit sentosa one fine day.
i didn't even know where the new IR's gonna be built
and best thing was, i didn't even know where're the beaches and stuff.
but never mind! dad's family day is coming! should make use of that day to muahahahhahahaha, explore on my own!
calls for a self-exploration babe!
printers are really weird machines.
if you get real frustrated and irritated with them,
they won't print anything out. i'm serious.
then i decided to change my tactic.
making sure i was alone, i went to the printer and murmured sweet little things to it.
i didn't even mind kissing the printer! :)
and the rest of the day was spent with a real nice touch.
got some pretty useful and good feedback on the prop. 
it was a good experience, really. thanks anyway. :D
THEN, i met my parents while on the way home.
they stared, i smiled, and off we went to have our unexpected dinner.
wanted to spend my dinner with my yoghurt and some strawberries, but apparently my mom was in a cranky mood and wanted to have dinner outside.
oh well, never anger a hungry woman, in this case.
i couldn't be any happier to oblige. :D
dinner was greattttttt, and i really really missed having dinner with the whole family.
usually my sister's not there, or my mom's not back from work, or my dad's not there.
and it all results in me and myself eating alone.
holidays are almost going to be over soon.
i am really going to miss it, terribly.
carpe diem.

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.

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Criminal Records

pulled dad's leg hair to get attention
kissed a car and a tomato
actually prayed hard to get to EM1
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love my cousins a lot! :)
needs a lamborghini roadster :DD
actually drowned once, (almost)
hates handphones, tracking devices...
loves GEOGRAPHY!!! <3333
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loves history, DUHH :)
hates jewelleries -_-
falling in love with skinnies :D
HEROES DA BOMB!!!! <333333
ah, i just love hollywood stuff *grins*

To-Do Crimes

get what i desire for mid years
just stay focused.
complete all revision by this week
go do something crazy for june holidays
take part in next year's parade<33333
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