Thursday, July 31, 2008
11:43 PM

the lil' sweet things of life are sometimes just right in front of you.
training didn't really turn out that well for me.
everything was so disorganised and it was chaotic. 
i suppose it was another confirmed evidence of how inefficient i am. BLEH. :/
anyway, looking on the brighter side of life,
not a pretty good thing, but i finally finally knew what are my weakest subjects.
oh well, sounds like i've got pretty much of catching up to do now. 
anyway, edlyn was walking me home today, practically to the bus stop.
and she yadda-ed about how they spent jocelyn's birthday together with old friends.
well, blame me for being so sensitive, but i felt hurt. 
did they even forget about me?
and they didn't even tell me?
and i didn't even know she had a boyfriend, her first kiss, and a lot of other issues.
thanks for reminding me what a bad friend i am.
man, they don't have to rub it in, do they?
as much as i wanna be part of them and join them in their endless gossiping, 
but something doesn't feel right.
gossiping is never what i'd do, i mean, especially about boys and brad pitt with his children thingy with angelina jolie.
all the pacts i've made in sec 2 with them,
i guess it's never going to come true. 
it feels weird. 
you see the friend you've seated with last year.
you say hi.
she says hi.
then we just walk off.
fine, alright, i admit it, i'm sad and a little hurt, alright?
i'm sad that they shared everything within themselves,
and i wasn't even informed of it?
and furthermore, i'm damn frustrated with myself.
why am i so bothered over such a little thing?
i really hate how emotions affect my mood and thinking.
damn it. 
sometimes i really want to stop pretending and be that quiet girl i've been back then.

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
Monday, July 28, 2008
10:31 PM

happy birthday to me!
i know this blog post is pretty damn late, BUT.
i still gotta tell you all what happened on the very big day of 22nd July 2008! :D
it was a perfect normal day with clouds and skies and of course, coming back home early.
so i sat down, and did my homework, blah blah blah, talked to pen pals, until i had this weird phonecall.
it said 'meet us at city hall at 7pm'
and i looked at the clock. 
it read '6.30pm'
i asked my mother about it, and she said, yeah, your cousins are eating out with you today.
didn't shermaine inform you about that?
oh no, she really didn't.
so i threw on my favourite best fitting jeans and a black tee, and ran out of the house.
it was chaotic since my mom was telling me to bring my umbrella, and fed-up(ed), i grabbed her hand and dragged her out of the house with me.
oh i forgot --> my mom was going to city hall with me.
it took us a good 30 minutes to reach city hall, and by then it was already 7.15pm.
i arrived fashionably late. :P
there were around seven of us, 2 to join us later on.
we walked from citylink all the way to this place.
you know the myth about this fountain that says if you put your hand on the bar and walk one round, you'll be striking rich?
yeah, it's somewhere near that fountain, and surprisingly, there's this restaurant called 'Just Noodles'. 
in it you can find menus of noodles and rice, ranging from japanese to korean.
and you know what's the best thing?
you get a set and you get a free flow of drinks and ice-cream. of course you gotta pay $2.45 extra.
but it's pretty worth it in the end. i remember myself eating around 4 bowls of ice-cream and 3 cups of mocha, and 2 cups of fruit punch. 
damn, that felt like heaven. :)
given the money, i would really really want to go there again.
and then, i had my first birthday present, a rubix cube! :D
you know, there was a period of time when i got really infatuated with it. ;)
thanks to my dearest o' geraldine mark hui wen :P
and of course, in school, i had many presents!
thanks yanping for remembering my birthday even though we've met each other for 5 years
zh for giving me that adorable porcupine (i sleep with it now XD )
and of course, the people who gave me birthday wishes :P
love you all guys, and of course my parents!
my beautiful mom and my handsome dad, though his hair's showing symptoms of balding.
but i still love them all :)
my greatest birthday wish --> get the hell over with studies, wish longevity for my parents, and get out to work, earn big bucks, do what i aspire to be, and die like i want to.
nice birthday wish huh.
and that's it! hoped you enjoyed my bullshitting.
happy birthday to all july babes and dudes!

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
Monday, July 7, 2008
10:03 PM

it's sad to see someone changing.
for the worse.
well, well, long weekend, just how i wanted it to be,
and then BOOM BAM WAM!
we have to return to school tomorrow.
anyway, on saturday, geraldine, casandra and I turned up for the nanyang collaboration activity --> operation opulence.
DAMN. i had muscle aches after that :D
it was pretty fun, i must admit, with our team facilitator mei chun.
she's really hyper, as in, she did bring up my spirits at one time, which i felt was pretty...good :D
moving on, we had to run a lot.
as in, really lots.
cause if we ran, we'd get $2000! YIPPPEEE MONEY MONEY MONEY!
hahaha, and so we ran, with pegs and rifles and a bag full of 3 bottles.
it was tiring, but we endured it throughout, esp. casandra didn't really sleep yesterday because she was ahem-ahem yesterday :D (oops, casandra,did i get my facts wrong?)
THEN, it was results time! and WHEEE, crescent was fourth, with 4 people. not bad for a girls school :D
we were just a few Ks close to winning. damn it. :D
but oh well, we all enjoyed it and had a formal ending session with mei chun :D
afterwhich, geraldine taught me the rubix cubeeeeee :D
WOAHHHHHHHHHHH. i swear if i had that much interest in that cube and put them in my studies, i'd definitely improve.
speaking of chemistry, does anyone understand oxidation?
no picture available.
(boy, that sucks)

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.
Thursday, July 3, 2008
11:56 PM

i have no idea what is happening to me right now.
i guess i can't do HR in future
because i've just realised that i'm such a friggin emo shit.
not exactly, but it seems like every little emotion you feel, i feel it a thousand times stronger.
well, i took the sec two squad today.
with my dearest, intelligent, chio, stubborn-headed (hahah, kidding :D ) o'kana.
it turned out pretty good.
but it was far from what i expected.
(kana, don't worry, you did really great okay, and i really mean it :) )
this problem, it's about me.
i don't know how to say it, but it's been affecting me since today.
the squad i knew seemed to be a little downcast today
like, i'm suspecting whether it was the separation of their squad, that's why.
and, thing is, i know exactly how they feel, afterall, i had been through this, and needless to say, i was jealous of those squadmates who were able to practise rifle drills.
and i felt it was totally unfair then.
but now, it's like, they seem so...lost?
and i'm beginning to wonder if this method of teaching is working for them.
and i'm feeling very bothered by the fact that i am very worried about them.
well, i'm afraid they'll develop some form of hatred for NP, like they'll stop coming for it.
that's what i fear.
the fear that they won't want to stand on their on feet again and work hard towards the goal.
wait, don't take this to heart, because as far as i know, i am crapping about things that i don't know what i'm even talking about.
is this called worried or paranoid?
or am i just too sensitive to things?
or am i just....too engrossed in my own world to actually not notice what is happening around me?
or am i going to become like a total Tsar, an autocrat who listens to nobody but myself?
whatever, man.
i am so going to settle this, myself.
and i'll just tell myself to keep runnin'
and stop caring about the heartbreak.

When you look me in the eyes,
I catch a glimpse of heaven.

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